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Around the beginning of my college career, I remember speaking with one of the Mustang Club members that claimed he had a black convertible with an extremely low production number. That summer, my identical twin brother and I made a special trip to a Mustang business where that car was located. After searching 40 some cars I saw nothing that resembled a black convertible.On my way out of one of the fields, I stopped and looked through an old fence to see a 1966-Hertz Shelby 350 Fastback. Stunned, I decided to get a closer look. I noticed a black convertible sitting beside it. I asked the owner how much he wanted for the convertible and he replied that I would need a suitcase to purchase it. This car was made on the first day of production and it’s production number was lower than the one I already owned

It had been exposed to weather conditions outside for nearly 25 years The original engine, transmission, power steering, console and AM radio were still intact. The restoration has been ongoing since 1999. The car was structurally restored at Glazier’s Mustang Barn located in Souderton, PA. Their work was superb, but
expensive. Jack Sharp of J & J Mustang located in Louisa County, VA is currently doing the best part of the restoration of this vehicle. Jack Sharp had played a major part putting together a 100% N.O.S. shell for this car. His 20+ years experience welding and metal fabrication experience will make this a perfect show car.

My German friend Klaus, has created a website to further research rare cars like 280. Please feel free to visit his site below..

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